Do you feel "stuck" in some areas of your life? Are you facing a difficult decision? Are you unfulfilled?


Life coaching is...

a way to gain clarity about your life. A coaching session typically begins with the question, "what is your area of least satisfaction today?" Life coaching is about looking towards the future, and focusing on our own thoughts, thoughts which may lead to behaviors we'd like to see less of. Life coaching may include optional homework assignments, and you may choose to be held accountable for your homework.


Life coaching is not...

traditional therapy. I will not ask you for your family history, or focus on healing any past trauma. Life coaching does not involve giving you a diagnosis or working with your health insurance company.

Confidentiality is very important! Records of appointments are maintained with minimal information about themes discussed. Confidentiality is maintained at all times, unless you or someone else is in imminent danger, in which case confidentiality must be broken. 

Life Coaching may address your concerns about:

  • stress at work
  • over-committed life schedule
  • uncomfortable communication with others
  • pleasing other people
  • financial issues  
  • worries about family members
  • uncertainty about career path
  • not enough fun/relaxation in life